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My SHINY NEW EXCLUSIVE collection of videos offers tools for working through shadows in your human connections. These tools are for those who are seeking a heightened understanding of how they tend to operate in relationships - and we're looking specifically at the shady stuff, so get ready to dig deep and practice self-honesty!

Do you attract narcissists? Are you struggling to trust the people closest to you? Are you dealing with jealousy? Maybe you're not sure which issues are coming up for you because you've spent so long running from them or feeling unable to identify them by name.. These videos will encourage you to venture across a wide terrain, looking at themes ranging from manipulation and rivalry to betrayal and sexual issues.

Whether my videos are public or exclusive, I always ask my viewers to take several layers off the top and really look at what's lying underneath. I offer different ideas and pathways to cater to various issues, avoiding the assumption that everyone will be served by the same insights. My aim is to offer multiple avenues for analysis so that you always find something that resonates. I won't tell you what to do or how to respond to your own discoveries - sovereignty is sacred. But what this collection does aim to do is help you to unroll the map of your relationship history and examine patterns, knots, scars and rabbit holes which may help you to get clear on the best way to foster mutually healthy connections.

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You can now purchase the 'Tarot for Life' e-zine archive for only £6.50!