Friday, 25 March 2011

this is it

The self-help section of a book shop. Do you feel it's an awkward place to be? Do you get edgy and look around or feel judged by the spies of emotional stability? The Page of Wands is at large and it's a card with a clear message: You should be neck-deep in self-awareness, self-nourishment and plans for your bright, bubbling future. You should be dealing with recurring emotional hurdles that repeatedly keep you back and it's ok if you need help with that or you're scared, as long as you make a start. You should be picking up an informative book to take you from amateur to expert in that subject you've been wanting to swot up on for years. You should be poring over maps and guidebooks, writing a glowing CV for a potential employer, thinking less about what you've managed to fuck up so far this year and more about your potential and what you deserve out of the rest of 2011.

The card is about perspective, self-worth and the potential for a journey. Education, both formal and informal, is a nigh on recommendation. And why not? You've a got big juicy brain in your head. It's wonderful when you feel others have recognised your hard work and potential for growth but it's essential that you're occasionally able to recognise it yourself. That means the time for criticism and negativity was yesterday, which by the card's careful calculations means the time for high spirits, good energy and dynamism is right about now.

And it makes people attracted to you. With recharged batteries and a top up of self-esteem your ideas are gold dust, your personality is charming, your positive attitude is infectious.

Time to shine.