Sunday, 3 April 2011

dream on

Those generic dream interpretation dictionaries are a disgrace to the human capacity for reflection and self-analysis, let's face it. 'Dreaming of scattered rice means you will soon be married.' Yawn. If we've got even half a loaf of the grey head bread we're more than aware that dreams are a window into the subconscious and generalisations need not apply. Our dreams are valuable and strange in equal measure. Some of us keep dream journals to record the unfolding opera writing itself under the canopy of sleep. Some of us attempt lucid dreaming, unwilling to let go of ultimate control even in the dream state. Some of us are having trouble remembering our dreams, let alone determining their content. For some the tall and twisting tales of other people's dreams can be fascinating and inspirational, while to others they can do the work of two sleeping pills in half the time.

The Moon card has its focus on the dream state, both literally and figuratively. It offers warnings of self-deception and unrealisable fantasy, it reminds us to expect the unexpected and it gives us reason to believe our dreams could indicate an outcome or solution. The Moon is about tuning in, not copping out. It's about reflection with a view to furthering the journey's progress. It's also a card about deepening our understanding of those around us. Who are the main players at this time? Where do we stand? How do we feel about the people in our lives? Their intentions? The effects they have on us? Have you mined your memories for material lately? Now's the time. Memories can be mirrors. What ever you're trying to work out now could have its answer somewhere in the last ten years.

I've always thought of The Moon as a warning card and a sign post for the querant. Yes, it denotes the importance of intuition and instinct, but it's also about balance and The Middle Way in that it can appear in a spread to represent addiction, unhealthy attachment and obsession. Ultimately its message can be as simple as 'Keep your feet on the ground'. It could be a lofty time when you're not being cautious about who's getting close to you and where your loyalties should lie so you'll need to take care of your business, but it just as often appears when repeated patterns of behaviour are driving you to the brink and you need to seek outside help to reign this negativity in and see it for what it is. The Moon warns us not to get lost inside activities that aid escape in a fruitless way. Shopping until your bank account is at 0 and then worrying about making rent? Using drugs, food or sex to avoid thinking or talking about an issue? Procrastinating? Passing the blame? Passive aggression?

Perhaps I've painted this card in a dim light. That's almost certainly possible. But The Moon can be a blessing dressed up as a total drag. It reminds you of your capability to run your life well and to know your enemy, even though it might be somewhat of a slap to the face and a sharp suggestion that the end isn't reached without conscious effort and shitheaps do not tidy themselves.