Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tarot: leading from the front

How are your leadership skills? Can you be assertive without being overbearing? Do you eloquently express your ideas to others? Are those ideas good? The Three of Wands is about your chance to take the helm. Leading from the front can involve a creative project, a business venture, a move to a new house, a new way of life or a new country. This journey is going be an opportunity for you to put some of your long-held ideals into action so you'll need to be brave, forward, optimistic, but not bolshy or self-involved. Certain parties are showing an interest in your performance but don't lose any sleep over the idea of being monitored. Having an audience is going to help to keep you on your toes. You've been nurturing your plans for quite some time so this is definitely your opportunity to shine. How much of what you believe will you be willing to put into practice? In Step-by-Step Tarot, Terry Donaldson describes The Three of Wands as a symbolic borderline. There's about to be a crossing from one set of circumstances to another. All you need to do is believe in yourself and stay sincere in your vision.