Sunday, 11 September 2011

making your own world

The World is a card with two strong messages for you. The first is, 'Congratulate yourself on what you just did' and the second is, 'Get ready for what you're about to do'. That's right - no journey would be complete without the inevitable reminder that no journey is ever complete.

You've built a solid foundation. It's sturdy, it's durable, it's going to last you for a hell of a long time. You built it even though the conditions were treacherous and at times you were so tired and uninspired that you just wanted to give up. Now you have the perfect level piece of land on which to build. Having already achieved something notable, it's not difficult to see why the card encourages you to take pride in your endeavours and give yourself credit for your achievements. However, you're also aware that this new test will be tough and you're going to need to draw on your life experiences to be able to complete it. Look at the mistakes you've made as well as the success you've had. What has it all taught you and how can you apply it in the future?

It's never the end, so don't become complacent. Good times follow bad times follow good times. That's the nature of life and doesn't have anything to do with what you deserve - everyone weathers a crap storm once in a while. If you try to permanently drop anchor in a convenient place, you're missing the point of life itself. You're in a vessel on a very changeable ocean and the one thing you can count on at the moment is that you've made your vessel incredibly strong and sea-worthy.

The World also strives to teach you to keep an eye out for hidden opportunities. Look outside the box. Just because something didn't work for you before doesn't mean it won't be a great experience now. You've changed a hell of a lot and your hard work in rising to the challenge has given you new ways of dealing easily with situations that would have stressed you out or confused you in the past. Only you decide how big or small your world gets to be.