Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tarot: one card one question

One Card readings with random draws

Query: What is her opinion of me and does she want romance?

She obviously holds a lot of power over you at the present time and it's obvious that your feelings for her are strong enough for her to be able to sense them. However, she's at the beginning of a new, highly challenging stage in her life at the moment and might not feel that it's the time for a romantic commitment, with you or anyone else. There's an energy of great strength and communication surrounding the two of you and the card signifies that whatever happens between you it will improve you both as people, but it's not likely to include the romantic circumstance you're hoping for. The best thing to do at the present time is be a source of support and company for her. She may open up to you about her current situation.

Query: I was happy in my current job until a month ago when a new colleague took an instant dislike to me and made some cruel remarks. Things haven't improved. Should I apply for work elsewhere?This card suggests that sitting around waiting for something to change will only make you feel more anxious and unhappy. It's clearly time for action to try and improve your situation but the reversed position of the card suggests that you feel stagnant or scared to act. There are options open to you. Talking it through with another colleague or a superior might be helpful. Other people might be having similar experiences with this nasty colleague and will be able to back you up and talk about how to deal with it. It's clear you're a work-orientated person who takes a lot of pride in your job. Leaving should be a last resort, not Plan A.

He admitted to having an affair six months ago and we took a break. Now he wants me back and swears he'll never betray me again. Should I give him another chance?
He's a spontaneous person who's prone to making rash, unwise decisions (hence the original indiscretion). It's possible that he's attempting to reconcile with you during one of his impulsive, risk-taking moods and not because he genuinely wants to commit to you long-term. You should avoid rushing into any decision for the moment. If he wants to get the relationship back on track as much as he says he does, he should be prepared to wait and do the necessary communicating, soul-searching and striving to understand the harm he's done. If you feel that there's a chance for forgiveness in the future, tell him that, and tell him that ultimately you need to become friends again and regain the trust before rushing into a relationship. If he doesn't respect this then he's obviously not pursuing you for the right reasons.