Tuesday, 6 September 2011

spinning the wheel

For every Tarot reader there are a few of those slippery suckers that just tend to slip out of our grasp no matter how hard we try to grab onto them. For me, The Wheel of Fortune is one of those cards. I guess I just find it difficult to align myself with its central message or associate it with something personal that could aid my understanding. The clearest thing I can say about The trusty old wheel is that it usually shows up when a process of elimination is necessary. Make a list of what's important and what could stand to go on the back burner. What are your priorities at this time and what are the things you're just hanging on to out of nostalgia or perceived obligation?

The card definitely signifies good fortune - great contacts with people in an industry you want to break in to or great financial prospects - but it's warning you that before you take advantage of the positivity that's coming your way you need to decide which path you'd like to be on and where your main areas of focus are.

I kind of think of it this way: Imagine you're about to gamble to win big money. You're nervous, you're excited, you've got that disco dance of hope and dread going on in your gut. But behind all of that, if you're like 99.9% of the other human beings on Earth it's probable that you already have some idea of how you'd spend that cash if you did win it. Maybe you'd start your own business. Maybe you'd sell up and move to a tropical island. Maybe you'd use everything you won to help the less fortunate. The point is - you've got the plan in your mind. The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder that knowing what you want to do and who you want to do it with is the kind of thing that keeps your feet on the ground when lady luck smiles upon you. We all hear stories of people who got successful and then had a complete personality change.. They started hanging out with different people, they became arrogant or distant from their families or the success made them paranoid or destroyed their sense of integrity. Keeping a level head and knowing who you are can prevent that kind of thing.

Behind every success story and every rising star there should be a stable, down-to-earth foundation which is based on good, honest friendships and a solid sense of self. Otherwise it's all just candyfloss.