Wednesday, 26 October 2011

best foot forward

If you've lost those lofty childhood ideas of the perfect life, and instead replaced them with practical, realistic goals that make sense and work for the greater good, The Queen of Pentacles is an appropriate card for you. When she appears in a reading the emphasis is on manageable ambitions and putting them into play - less words, more action. The card's focus is on team work too. You're working well with others under this influence. You understand their capabilities and you're negotiating well. If you're a manager or you run a business with staff, you're being the best boss you can be, inspiring and motivating your team to reach their potential. In the workplace you and your peers have high expectations of each other and a strong feeling that your goals can be met. You want to establish yourself as a successful employee, a candidate for promotion or someone who works well under their own initiative.

The card suggests sitting down to write out a list of the goals you want to achieve in the next few months and suitable plans of action to get things moving. If there's anything you're avoiding, now's the time to sort it out. This card has a great healing influence, so if your health has been poor due to stress or ailments, you'll start to feel energized again.

Be pragmatic. Don't be afraid of compromise. If you're working on something with a partner or friend, such as a creative project, a move to a new location or preparing your lives for the arrival of a newborn, take into account how much the other person is able to give. Don't expect people to always be available to work on something when you are - work around others as much as you drive them to succeed. This card is all about practicality and making sure projects and tasks come together and bear fruit.