Monday, 24 October 2011

fixing up the chariot

In the old days, when someone rode their chariot into battle they were relying upon the horses to take direction and move the chariot safely through the fray. The horses had to be strong, brave, attentive and they had to have a good relationship with their master. In the modern world, if you get around in a car you're relying on your wits to navigate the roads and stay safe en route, but you're also relying on the machine itself. Everything has to be working well in order for you to reach your destination. So, what does all this mean when it comes to Tarot? Well, one of The Chariot's messages is about working with others and allowing teamwork to help you reach your goals. You may feel that you're well and truly in the driver's seat, but very little is achieved in life without a little teamwork. When the horses start running in different directions and you find your chariot veering off course, you may need other people to help you get back on track. Don't be too proud or defensive to take that help. The chariot suggests a leadership personality and a seat of power, but it also reminds the querent that such positions depend upon the co-operation and good will of others.

Of course, The Chariot card implies forward motion. It speaks very strongly of a time to act. Good energy is coming into play here and inspirations that may have been delayed or put to the back of the mind before are being given a chance to take shape. If you've been worrying about acting on something, now is the time. If you've been deliberating over two courses of action, now might be a good time to make the decision. The Chariot doesn't just speak about completing outstanding tasks and projects, it also speaks about initiating new endeavours. Branching out and taking life by the throat can be made easier under this influence. It's almost like the card is saying, 'now's the time'.

Fulfilling commitments is important. It'll make you feel your path is clearer and free you up to get on with other things. However, use The Chariot card as a lesson regarding entering into promises or commitments you can't keep. Are you over-stretching yourself? Are you trying to give your time equally in all areas of life and thus finding you never have enough time to finish everything? Have you made a promise you can't keep or allowed someone to have a ridiculously high expectation of you? Be honest with yourself, and then with others, about what is realistically achievable. There is a danger of feeling magnanimous and ready for everything and this leads to biting off more than you can ever chew.