Tuesday, 25 October 2011

temperance in the time of chaos

Temperance is a message of spirituality. The card will come up when there's considerable clarity in the querent's life. They have the potential, under this influence, to be able to shed light on their actions and the actions of others. They contain the balance and wisdom necessary to understand past events and work out how the things that went before are affecting the present situation. This kind of clarity is not afforded to us all the time. Life tends to get in the way. Other responsibilities and areas of focus can often take time and perspective away from us, making us unable to analyse events with a clear head. Temperance urges the querent to take advantage of their spiritual prowess and put it to good use by laying certain, long-standing issues to bed and clearing up confusion for the greater good of everyone.

Healing is a big subject with Temperance. Often, the card appears for people who regularly counsel others through hard times, and likewise for those in need of some reliable, supportive counsel. It makes mention of the importance of therapy and outside perspectives. It speaks of turning to spirituality, higher powers, religious experiences and other ways people can free their minds and transcend the mundane. The appearance of water in the Temperance card in most decks is not a coincidence. It's supposed to represent the inevitable ebb and flow of life and all the changes that its constant movement can instigate. Water turns to rain which turns to snow or ice. Water can also turn to vapour. Water can be used for power, for cleansing and for travelling on. Water divides territories and water houses all manner of creatures. The element of water is indicative of all life's different faces and it's a reminder to deal graciously with them and to be flexible in the face of change.

Spiritual growth incurs a sense of peace and greater understanding. If the card is heralding a time like that for the querent, there needs to be a reminder not to lose sight of the fact that others will have different perspectives and opinions. It can be difficult to accept other points of view when we're sure that our shift in consciousness has allowed us to see the light. If the card appears in a position of warning or speaks of the querent's fears or disappointments, it's often a sign that more time and focus needs to be spent on spiritual concerns.