Tuesday, 29 November 2011

a little help from my friends

Generosity, charity and loyalty are the key themes dealt with by the Six of Pentacles. It's a card that urges us to think seriously about where to invest our money, time and energy. It's also asking us to consider who is most deserving of our resources. Who was there when the chips were down for you? Who is expecting your help and allegiance for the wrong reasons? It's important not to feel any pressure or obligation to those who haven't been in your life as long as old friends but who instead may have bought your company or are expecting you to be impressed by their status or capabilities. When you're on a high in this life, particularly with regard to money, business and career, plenty of people are going to want to be close to you, to seek your advice and to share your spoils. But who are the friends who'd still be around if you lost everything and needed a hand? Those people are the people with whom you should share your success and formulate future plans.

There's an air of expectation in this card. You feel that people are watching you under this influence, waiting to see what you'll do and what decisions you'll make. You feel a big sense of responsibility and you're quite aware that your choices will affect the feelings and/or prosperity of other people. However, you mustn't let these considerations cloud your pure judgement. Knowing who to trust is a life skill and once you've mastered it you should use it to make sure the right people are rewarded to the right degree. You're probably being bombarded with demands under the influence of this card. Everyone seems to want a piece of you. Perhaps you're hideously overworked, you're meeting with business contacts all the time or the phone seems to be ringing off the hook for social gatherings. You'll enjoy this high period much more if you decide clearly that your trusted allies will be reaping the benefits with you, not a bunch of chancers who seem to have only arrived in your life once everything was plain sailing. Remember who your friends are.