Tuesday, 29 November 2011

making a reading special

Making important Tarot readings into rituals of a kind can help to enhance the significance of their messages and make you feel connected to what the spread is saying to you. Random picks and daily draws may be useful and help to keep the cards fresh in our minds, but they don't hold quite the same sway as a reading that's had time and energy put into its design and timing. Here are four key considerations which help when it comes to making a reading special, either for yourself or a querent.

  • Why? Why are you doing this reading? What are you hoping will be achieved and what is the purpose and intention? Is it for inner clarity? Is it to help someone else? Is it to aid with closure and acceptance or rather to help someone get started on a new endeavour? Are you just doing a reading for the sake of it with no real purpose and, if so, should it perhaps wait until there is an important question to be answered?
  • Who? Who is the reading for and who is it about? Is there an absent third party involved? If so, how deeply will you interpret the third party's cards? (Some Tarot readers don't believe in making comments about an absent friend/colleague/partner. I personally feel it's acceptable as long as it's not mechanistic and the querent understands that it is subject to change and circumstance. After all, how the hell is a Tarot reader supposed to do a good relationship reading without mentioning the absent partner even once?!)
  • Where? Is the location of the reading going to factor into its success and significance? Would you rather work at the querent's house or yours? If you're doing a reading for yourself or having one done for you, does it matter if it's conducted inside or outside? Do you need to take things like feng shui into account?
  • When? Night time or day time? On a special day, such as a birthday or Christmas? Are you going to wait until any tension or anger you feel regarding the situation has past or is it better to do the cards in the heat of the moment? When is the best time to best appreciate the messages in the reading?

Try making some notes in answer to these four questions before your next reading and see if this injects it with more significance or makes the process go smoother than usual. When we've had Tarot in our lives for quite some time it can be difficult to remember to make it count when we give and receive readings. Sometimes a little effort in the planning will show itself in the end result.