Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Here are some of the best compliments and testimonials I've had from clients this year. Collecting some of this positive feedback together has been a lovely reminder of how much Tarot helps me as it's also helping my querents with their issues.

"Hi Kelly-Ann, thank you so much for the reading. It has really helped and given me the clarity I was looking for in the area of work and relationships - and it was so accurate and ties in with a lot of what I have felt deep down & what was still not conscious. It has helped pull all the strands together for me so that I can move forward with ease. You have been a great help - and are very good at what you do. Many thanks."
- Joe, reading via Etsy Shop

"Firstly, please let me say that your reading about the relationship was just incredible. You read the start of the relationship, how it has developed, how we were both feeling etc. so accurately."
- Cath, reading via private employer

"Hi, I recently had a reading from you which was amazing. Now I would like to ask more questions!"
- Helena, reading via private employer

"Thank you so much! It was a great and detailed reading."
- Maria, reading via Etsy shop

Wow that reading is spot on, exactly how I am and in my relationships and health. Thank you so much, you are great!!!"
- Sharon, mini reading via Facebook

pookily accurate!!!"
- Julie, mini reading via Facebook

Thanks so much . It makes sense :) I am exactly as you described."
- Sandy, mini reading via Facebook

Thank you sooo much, it is very appreciated, everything you said I can definitely relate to and will take on board. It is soo accurate. Well you have just made my day so thank you soooo much!"
- Jane, mini reading via Facebook
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