Monday, 5 December 2011

the art of making things grow

The Empress is an important character in the Tarot for artists, actors, writers and musicians. She harnesses and actively demonstrates the creative power within. She encourages us to push our boundaries and to seek out both personal fulfilment and public praise for our creative endeavours. She is also the mother figure. She nurtures the talent and passion in those around her, encouraging her loved ones to thrive and realise their true potential. She is a woman who enjoys the good things in life. She has a love of theatre, art, good books, good food, good music.. She has a taste for luxury and opulence but she understands the value of money and believes in working for what she wants and that the finer things in life should be earned, not given away to those who don't appreciate them.

The card urges us to appreciate our skills and gather the energy and initiative to hone them even further. I always feel there are elements of, 'Make hay while the sun shines' and 'strike while the iron is hot' inside this card. The message is about making the most of life and grabbing opportunities when they present themselves to us. Learn to appreciate your own ability to make things grow. You have the ability to create something new and to invest the time and energy necessary to make that creation lasting and pleasing for years to come. Your ambitions require your dedication and those things you've been wanting to do but leaving at the back of your mind for a rainy day need to be addressed now!

The warning element in The Empress could rest in the importance of keeping others in mind when we go after our goals. Remaining humble and never losing sight of who our friends are and our reasons for wanting to succeed are essential things to remember when we're under this card's powerful, determined influence. All personal energy, no matter how positive and beneficial, can turn sour if we only forge ahead with our own desires and forget to put those we love into the picture. Sharing our spoils and keeping our feet on the ground in the good times is just as important as staying resilient and tenacious in the bad times.