Wednesday, 7 December 2011

how to enjoy your garden

Sometimes in life, a plan finally comes together. And, whether it took months to bear fruit, or years, it's a great feeling when it's finally working out for you. The Nine of Pentacles symbolises that moment of achievement and encourages you to relish it, revel in it and let other people praise you for it. This card is Tarot's way of patting you on the back. It's an acknowledgement of your hard work and a reminder that things certainly weren't easy for you along the way, but that now is a time for celebration.

Let's say you've been working on a garden for a couple of years. When you first began your work the place was a wasteland. Let's say an ecologist even advised you not to bother trying because the soil was so dry that it probably couldn't support life.. Let's say you persevered and you put everything you had into nurturing this land, crafting it, shaping it according to the vision you had in mind. You never rushed the process. You showed patience throughout the ups and downs that come with trying to build something worthwhile.. Now let's say there's nothing more to do. It's two years later and the place looks exactly as you'd hoped it would, everything is in place and you can breathe a sigh of relief. It's difficult to do, right? You don't want to become complacent or lazy. You want to carry on working as hard as you have been all this time, to ensure that the plants don't die and the crops don't fail. You don't want other people coming along to visit in case they trample on the grass or wreck the green house. You don't want to let go of this creative brainchild of yours and just let nature take its course..

It can be very difficult to accept that we have come to a project's completion and that we can enjoy the spoils and raise a glass. Being too happy about something feels like a jinx! We are almost raised to believe that it's better to think of the glass as half empty.. The Nine of Pentacles is telling you that good times just come along occasionally in life and it's ok to smile and enjoy them, surrounded by those who've supported you and those you love.