Friday, 9 December 2011

on the phone with the three of swords

Communication is the best remedial tool against unnecessary heartbreak. It's a mouthful, right? But it's usually true, and one card in the Tarot deck that speaks this message loud and clear is the Three of Swords. Misunderstandings arise when people don't speak their minds. Rumours are left to fester, suspicions grow and preconceived notions lie unchallenged. A lot of the time, the power of honest words can change our fortune and help us to move forward. After all, what's so scary about telling someone how you really feel? Sure, you might risk a repeat of a past bad experience through showing your true colours, but isn't it better to know than to always wonder? Being able to communicate openly with the people in our lives is the ultimate test of a relationship's strength. If you can't lay the foundations of trust with someone close to you, whether it's a friend, a family member or a partner, the connection is only half finished. Would you live in a house with only half a roof? Would you eat a half baked pie or buy half a table? I didn't think so!

The message from the Three of Swords is one of encouragement. Most of us hold in our memories an image of betrayal, rejection or aggression shown towards us from someone who professed to love us.. Most of us have experienced the negative side of human connection and when we have an old wound stemming from human conflict it becomes easier to tell ourselves not to rock the boat by opening our mouths and expressing our opinions. It's easier to fit in, fade away, be a wallflower or just go with the general consensus even though you may feel that you have something important to contribute or you're struggling and need to ask for support. Many of the conflicts we seek to avoid are actually the result of negative energy built up over time through communication failure. If we were a little more transparent about our motivations and needs and a little less secretive about our disappointment and unhappiness, we'd all be able to have much more fulfilling connections.

It's time to tell people what you need and what you could do without. It's also time to listen when loved ones tell you the same in return. You may believe that you don't need to ask a certain someone for their opinion because you already know them inside out. Well, this card is here to remind you that you could be very much mistaken! Let someone surprise you. Get some raw emotion out in the open, express something you've been doing secret battle with, voice a problem or concern.. My grandmother used to say, 'You're never lost if you've got a tongue in your head.' Granted, she was referring to the ability to ask someone for directions when you're unsure of the way, but I think this saying works on deeper levels too. If we use our instruments of communication we can always expect more clarity than if we don't!