Monday, 19 December 2011

perchance to dream

Our dreams are full of symbols and metaphors which are genuinely personal to us. Some of our dreams are obvious in their context and content - we can wake up and know immediately why we had a dream and what it was referring to. Other dreams are deeply perplexing. Some cling to us for days, haunting us and encouraging us to untangle them although at times it seems impossible. I have a special interest in people's recurring dreams because I have one myself. I also have a fascination with lucid dreaming. I believe that I was naturally capable of it as a child and then lost the ability in adulthood. I have researched heavily on the subject, reading about various ways to harness the power and use it, yet I always refrain from actually beginning to use the techniques because I'm not a hundred per cent certain that I want jurisdiction over my subconscious in that way.. I somehow assume that my dreams are more revealing because I don't have control over them.

I've been using Tarot to analyse people's dreams for a long time now and my technique is very simple and yet pretty effective. Firstly, I ask the client to tell me their dream in full. Anything they feel before or after the dream can be useful to know too. I consider the content of the dream intensely and make a note of every image, object or person that I consider to be a potentially significant symbol. So, let's say a querent tells me that she wants me to analyse a dream in which her and her father are in the desert. Her father conjures up a horse out of thin air by magic and they climb on together. After a time of riding through the desert on the horse she realises that the sun is beating down hard on her and making her feel faint and dizzy. She asks her father for some water and then realises that her father has changed into another man, a stranger with a terrifying face. In terror she falls from the horse and as she lands on the sand it turns into snow for as far as she can see. The scary stranger rides the horse away, leaving her stranded in the snow desert alone.

I would say that the significant symbols and signs are:

- her father
- the horse
- the desert
- the sun
- the stranger
- the snow

(You could possibly include the fall from the horse in this, for the sake of argument.) I would then proceed to draw a card for each symbol in the dream and let my intuition guide my interpretation.

There is no real way to fully untangle someone's dream. Dreams are engineered in the factory of the subconscious and the influences and issues we have in our waking lives are tied into the imagery of sleep. Having said that, giving a dream analysis Tarot reading does allow a client to gain an outside perspective on the content of the dream and come to a few conclusions of their own regarding its meaning. A Tarot reading can be a good starting point for final understanding.

Try analysing your dreams using this method. If you'd like me to analyse a dream for you, purchase a Dream Analysis reading here.