Sunday, 18 December 2011

signposts for greater clarity

I found an interesting spread today in a book called, 'Messages from the Archetypes: using Tarot for healing and spiritual growth' by Toni Gilbert. It's called Daily Direction, however I'd say it's too in-depth to be a spread you'd use on a daily basis. Each card position centres on a deep area of focus and can offer plenty of food for thought if you're struggling to find the right path or suffering a crisis of confidence. Try this six-card spread and see if you can benefit from its messages. Here are the six positions to draw a card for:
  • card 1 - where I am. This one outlines your current position and any obstacles or important circumstances.
  • card 2 - what empowers me. Use this card to find your strength and help yourself to see what you're capable of.
  • card 3 - what I use. Which skills can you use to your advantage? What have you got at your disposal that will make life easier?
  • card 4 - higher power. This position is elusive. I'd personally read it as what's driving the core of your being and what guides you subconsciously.
  • card 5 - what I seek. What are you looking for? What's the missing link?
  • card 6 - what I create. What comes from you and is put out into the world? What do you produce that benefits you and those around you? What is your motivation?
See what comes up.