Saturday, 10 December 2011

tarot in the time of celebration

Amidst all the trinkets, lights and parties this season, I'm still standing here feeling confused, overwhelmed and unsure of what the new year is going to bring. 2011 has been such a totally mixed bag for me (and, I think, for most of us) and I can't help wondering if it's just going to be more of the same on the other side of this time of seasonal celebration. Let's use Tarot to remind us of what we can be proud of and rejoice over in our own lives. Do a little digging around, by way of meditation or visualisation, for the core of your being and the best and worst of the ending year. Then lay out 1-3 cards for each of the following focus areas:
  • celebrate the past - What can you be proud of achieving this year? What can you be pleased that you're leaving behind and moving on from? What has been the major positive lesson?
  • celebrate the present - What can be celebrated at this moment in time? What have the lessons of the year led you to realise about yourself? What is the most resoundingly positive part of your life at the moment?
  • celebrate the future - What is going to be a reason for celebration in the new year? What positive events and situations are on the horizon? What will your lessons and challenges be and how will they make you stronger?
If you're feeling as though you're neck-deep in tinsel and gift receipts and slowly losing your sense of inner calm, use this spread to help you come back down to earth this Christmas! Find a quiet time to contemplate what's important for you and how it can best be achieved.