Wednesday, 7 December 2011

tipping the scales

Achieving balance in any situation means observing the scales and delicately attempting to tip them slightly in either direction in order to even things up. For example, if you're giving far too much and evidently receiving very little in return, is it time to change the weight of what you're giving? If everything is going smoothly in one area of life -work, for example- is it time you stopped dedicating quite so much time and energy to it and got started on those other, personal projects which have been tucked at the back of your mind for ages? Can you afford to take a risk in one way in order to secure some stability in another? The Justice card is about finding harmony and balance. It urges us to look at what the output and input are and how we can line them up so that they mirror each other, thus preventing us from leaking vital energy or becoming disillusioned. The card also addresses the emotive subject of karma. It reminds us to consider what we're doing and saying, making sure we only put out the kind of communication we'd like to receive in return. Whether or not you believe you're likely to reap the rewards of what you've sewn in life, it can always be beneficial to imagine that you will. It keeps you honest and genuine in your endeavours.

Like many cards in the Tarot deck, Justice reminds us that it's impossible to 'fire on all cylinders'. We need to make conscious decisions about where to invest the majority of our time and resources. What is the most important task at hand? Who are the people most in need of support? How many of the outstanding projects and errands can be done today and how much would be pushing us to our limit? Somewhere at the heart of this card there's a little warning about the value of your own personal well-being. Perhaps the card is saying, 'If you don't help yourself there's very little chance you'll be able to help anyone else!'

Past, present and future are the obvious Tarot triad and the cards are pretty much always speaking to us loudly about one or more of these phases in our lives. Justice can sometimes suggest that it's time to resolve the outstanding issues that have been running consistently through all three of them and close the chapter once and for all.. Is there something from the past that haunts your present and makes you fear for the quality of your future? Do you actually need to go back to your past to resolve unfinished business so that your present issue can be dealt with? Are you fixating over what's going to happen in the future and unable to live in the present? Uncertainty is a part of life's tapestry. If everything was set in stone and we knew what would come to pass, we'd never be afraid but we'd always be totally bored! Justice urges you to tie up any loose ends while you have the strength of mind to do so and find a way to stop worrying quite so much about what hasn't happened yet. Justice tests our listening skills, our coping skills and our ability to be fair and balanced. We need diplomacy under this influence, just as much as we need the determination to succeed.