Saturday, 31 March 2012

affirmative action

An affirmation is a carefully formatted statement designed to introduce positive thinking into your life. Confidently expecting what you desire to be the case is part of the magic of a good affirmation and in many kinds of therapy a patient will be advised to write down a sentence which directly combats their issue - a powerful statement said as if it were already true, which is designed to empower and inspire. Looking through my deck of cards this morning, I started to consider the affirmations each card offers. The messages carried by each card can actually be effectively condensed into motivational sentences that enhance the meaning but also make it easy to swallow and instantly useful. Go through your deck and formulate an affirmation based on the main message of each card as you see it. Here are some examples.

Four of Cups - I live in the here and now.

Temperance - My life is filled with calm and balance.

Three of Swords - I confidently and justifiably speak my mind.

Queen of Pentacles - I am strong, capable and worthy.

Ace of wands - I take every opportunity and turn it into a positive result.

You try!