Monday, 5 March 2012

long live the queen

The Queen of Cups is the teacher of empathy and compassion. She believes in love, not as something only to be shared between two people in an exclusive cocoon, but in its wider context as the glue that shapes us and holds us together, as the thread that runs through everything..

Receiving the Queen in a general reading can be a sign that the focus of your love has shifted from what could have been viewed as a petty concern, outwards towards friends, family and lovers, as you feel a huge loyalty towards them and a strong desire to protect and nurture them. The positivity inherent in this card is highly significant. Generosity, understanding and nourishment are all themes here. The Queen has unending energy for those around her and senses when they need her advice or support. Family is an important theme, and the card especially suggests that you will feel rejuvenated and capable after time spent with close family members - let their influences recharge your spirits.

When the Queen of Cups is drawn it can sometimes be closely linked with a change of consciousness. A new interest or new sense of self could be emerging and it might be the perfect time for a querent to address and acknowledge the positive changes that are occurring.

As I never tire of saying, there is a warning element with every card. The concept of 'dark' and 'light' cards doesn't enter into the equation for me - I believe all cards offer sage advice regarding pitfalls or delusions. Where the Queen is concerned, I'd suggest that she could see fit to give you a nudge when it comes to how much strength and energy you're keeping back for yourself. Being overly generous and giving of yourself can lead to a personal stock depletion when it comes to optimism, self-belief and the ability to pick yourself up after a fall. Make sure you keep enough back for your own use. The Queen encourages balance in all things. Don't stray from the path of moderation and you won't go too far wrong.