Friday, 9 March 2012

the map of your life

Someone once asked me how many versions of myself I'd been in my life so far. I thought the question was perceptive and interesting. I'd always wanted to ask people this but never knew quite how to word it.. It refers to the stages that life takes an individual through and the way each new stage is instigated either through a shift in consciousness or a shift in circumstances.. If we sit down and think about the significant ways in which our beliefs, mindsets, behaviours and desires have changed over the years there is a high possibility that most of us can work out how many distinct versions of ourselves we've actually been. At what point during childhood did you start to develop your own ideas or begin to plan your future? Were your teenage years one big rebellion or did you change through that period? During adulthood, have you significantly altered your views on life, love, laundry?

Make some notes about these transitions in your past and then lay some cards out to examine why each stage mattered, what it taught you, what made you change and why change was important. Ask the cards to tell you what you can learn from each phase and how you will continue to change in the future. Use Tarot to realise more about what the core, unchanging aspects of your personality are and which aspects you could potentially let go of or move on from.

Tarot is nothing if not a tool for self-exploration. Go forth and enjoy the views.