Friday, 9 March 2012

putting tarot into the picture

Here are some interpretations I've formulated using the photograph spread technique. I've specifically drawn cards for the people and things in the images that interested me the most. I'd massively recommend this technique to deepen your understanding of your own relationship with querents and with the deck.
I used the cards to pick out the core personality of each person in this image in an attempt to find out who the more dominant characters are. The guy on the far right, partially obscured, is the most sociable of the bunch, represented by the Three of Cups. He was probably instrumental in organising this day of high jinx and adventure. The guy in the middle is the least outgoing, shown by the Page of Cups reversed. He may not feel that he is totally connected to everyone there and likes to remain reserved in group situations. The essence of the day is described by The Lovers reversed, which I think suggests that this was the beginning of the end of these times in some way. These people are moving forward into the future at an alarming rate and this memory will be instrumental for them when they no longer have such experiences together. The girl in the centre of the picture is represented by the Ten of Swords, suggesting that major transformation and change was coming her way at this time. It's likely that her life altered in a major way.

Well, the fact that the saris these girls are wearing are gorgeous doesn't need punctuation! The girl in the yellow is a creative, ambitious and compassionate woman who works hard and plays hard. She is represented by The Empress. I think she has big dreams but she's prepared to go the distance to make them happen. She probably harbours desires to be a mother, wife and gracious hostess, but also has personal projects in mind which satisfy her artistic flare. The Knight of Swords reversed tells me that the girl in the foreground is more headstrong, stubborn and domineering but also more intelligent and rational.

This old family scene was taken at a positive time, full of hope and enjoyment. The Empress has been drawn to represent the circumstances and mood and I think it denotes things being built and enjoyed, the fruits of labour being collected and compassion amongst relations. I was particularly interested in the two women in black. The older of the two has seen a great many changes, both culturally and personally, in her life time. The Seven of Cups reversed suggests that she feels a sense of chaos in modernity that makes her long for a simpler time. She was experiencing tension and a feeling of stagnation, represented by the Four of Swords reversed. The Two of Cups reversed shows heartbreak and the ending of a love affair for the younger woman, followed by massive change and transformation in the Ten of Swords.