Friday, 9 March 2012

tarot for breakfast

In some ways daily interactions with the cards can encourage us to see each new day as a fresh start. No, not every day is going to be hugely significant in a deeply memorable way, but we can use the sense of beginning we feel after sleep to allow us to look on yesterday's events with a clearer mind and plan accordingly. I recently read an interesting debate centred around the question of whether or not Tarot enthusiasts should do readings for themselves when they're angry. Does the anger have the potential to skew the interpretation of the situation unfairly? Or is reading whilst angry really no different from reading whilst happy - two different emotions producing two different, equally valid results? This got me thinking about the best time to use Tarot effectively when there are issues we need to address.

Try this - for one whole week, keep your Tarot deck next to your bed. When you wake up, draw a card first thing before considering anything else. Give yourself time, in your morning haze, to enjoy a little free association and reflection without the pressures of the day getting to you. The card you draw could feel comforting to you and encourage you to face the day, it could set the tone for your day or it could even bring up totally unrelated feelings and force you to explore them during the day. Let this exercise remind you that it can be possible for a Tarot reading to change the situation rather than the situation changing a Tarot reading. We never perceive the messages Tarot has to offer through totally unfettered judgement. We are projecting ourselves onto all external stimuli at all times, however we can make an effort to reduce that influence from time to time and let the cards do all of the talking before we've even had a chance to open our mouths.