Sunday, 18 March 2012

truth or dare?

This is a little spread idea I came up with last night while I was looking around for inspiration and stumbled upon the idea of the eternal truth inherent within childhood pass times and games. For most of us, Truth or Dare was rather an excruciating but ultimately thrilling game which touched our adolescence and which we've now left in the past in favour of more sophisticated ways of committing to each other and expressing our emotions. When I look at the set up of Truth or Dare, I see that it involves a lot of personal risk to the person on the spot who has to ultimately decide which of two potentially dangerous paths to travel down. It involves the active willingness to be honest and open, the bravery to commit to the game itself and a decent working knowledge of one's own mind and heart. It's a challenge and it's also fun. It's full of surprises but we're also the one in control when we dare to play..

Take your deck and ask your querent to make a choice: 'Truth or dare?' If they choose 'truth', lay out a card and use it to interpret a truth they might not yet have accepted or considered. If they choose 'dare' a card should be drawn which lays a challenge down for them to take up. This reading is best used with a specific intention in mind. For example, if it's a relationship reading:

TRUTH - The Emperor - You are the dominant force in the relationship and you don't tend to back down, even when you know your partner might have a point.

DARE - The Fool - Leap before you look for once! Invest a little more faith into the connection and go on an adventure instead of being so closely guarded around your partner all the time.

Try it!