Friday, 9 March 2012

what lies behind

Try this. Open a book, magazine or website with photographs in it of people interacting with each other or with the camera. Then take out your Tarot deck and draw cards to represent the people, places, events and objects you can see in your chosen image. What do the cards suggest about what is going on, the feelings involved and what the future held after the photograph was taken? What can you determine about the people, their relationships with themselves and each other and their hopes, dreams, plans?

When we read the cards for querents we may sometimes already be very familiar with their stories and history. They may be friends, family members or long-standing clients whom we've grown very used to. At other times the querents are total strangers and we have to determine much more in the foundations of our readings through asking the cards and our own way of reading the cards (our intuition) for direction. Using this exercise you can branch out in your interpretations, free from the desire you have to follow the querents reactions to a certain degree. Insert yourself and your perspective into the photograph. What are the sights, sounds and smells? What kind of day was it? Was there an intense or relaxed energy? Are the figures in the image misreading each other? Elements of surprise abound once you've done this a few times and let your imagination run wild.