Monday, 23 April 2012

and now for something completely different

There are times in your life when you feel an acute awareness of your power to change things. It's as though you suddenly have a huge personal responsibility laid at your door and it's both thrilling and intimidating. Sometimes the desire to stand still rather than moving in one direction or the other is a testament to our desire for safety and complacency. But the truth is, change finds us whether we're ready for it for not, so it's sometimes best to grab the decision by the reins and make your move rather than doing nothing. Resisting change when you can see it in plain view on the horizon is only going to make you feel powerless in the long run, so set your options out on the table in the cold light of day, assess their pros and cons (without over-thinking) and step forward, confidently, in your chosen direction.

The Two of Pentacles asks us to do this in no uncertain terms. It is a card which carries a strong message of responsibility but also, I often feel, a message of encouragement and light-heartedness. It's healthy to change things up sometimes. You don't need to stick doggedly to your usual routine just because it feels comfortable. If there are other opportunities presenting themselves, consider them. If there are risk factors, accept them but don't be so afraid of them. You're never going to be able to progress if you're too scared of the outcome to even begin.

Versatility and flexibility are the keys to forward motion. If you hang on to the status quo too tightly you'll find changes to the plan more difficult to process. This card can speak of an important choice to be made in the material realm. Work - stay or go? Money - spend or save? You might be asked to leave your comfort zone in order to achieve something you've always wanted. You might have to consider a move or a change of pace in order to deal with health issues or to ultimately get where you want to go. Are you comfortable with the idea of short-term sacrifice for long-term rewards? Sometimes, one needs to think seriously about what really matters before making a decision and that can be tough. It demands self-appraisal and forward thinking. It demands that we look outside the box for new ideas on how to live our lives and achieve our goals, rather than simply carrying on, day in day out, with the same methods. You need to believe that you can try something completely different and still retain the good qualities that got you to where you are so far.

New horizons await.