Thursday, 26 April 2012

the benefit of good judgement

Judgement has something in common with Death in that it's a card that represents transformation. The change it speaks of is complete and can harbour some destructive elements if it's approached in the wrong way. When you're judging which direction to take, don't just weigh up the possibilities according to your own, rigid agenda. Think outside the box. Try to look at things in a different way. The change you're going to instigate could end up being the most monumental of your life. Take control, but not in a way that leaves you feeling scared and disempowered. There's nothing wrong with being in the driver's seat of your own life. Wouldn't you be more afraid to have someone else doing the driving? Be bold and let your actions reflect your true feelings. Change comes to us all and burying your head doesn't make it easier to deal with.

When this card appears in its reversed position or appears to represent points of view, I often think it may be asking the querent to consider how they've approached the changes and events that have taken place. Has the glass been half empty the whole time? Is everything a chore or a hassle, rather than being seen as a chance to progress forward with more vigour and understanding? Judgement asks us to change our way of looking at things and to act less like a passive observer in our own lives. More power lies in your hands under this influence than you can even imagine. You need to start believing it. Good judgement is the product of clear thinking. If your judgement is clouded by lies, misinformation or emotions swaying you from what's right for yourself and others, you won't be in a position to make a change that's positive. The card may be asking you to empty your mind of outside influences or pull back from the situation and observe from afar for a while.

This card is a tricky one. The name, Judgement, has so many negative connotations these days. There are so many independent voices clamouring as one for the same right - the right not to be judged, the right to have personal choices respected, the right to be free from the judgements of others who don't share a controversial or new point of view. But judgement is also necessary and wise at times. I mean, if you never judge anyone in relation to yourself and your life, how do you know who to hire and who to fire? How do you work out who is a worthy partner for a long-term relationship? So many qualms can be dispelled with the use of good judgement. For example, often this card appears when it's time to judge whether or not your suspicions regarding someone are valid or whether they're just paranoia that stems from your own insecurity. Making the judgement call on this will throw a whole bunch of subsequent changes into the mix, but acting on your dilemma and making a choice is eventually going to look like a better prospect than standing still and letting life happen to you!