Wednesday, 25 April 2012

shopping with the seven of cups

I recently described the dilemma addressed by the Seven of Cups as a 'supermarket moment'. A large supermarket is a veritable cornucopia of different choices. Choice is wonderful, it's a luxury we've all benefited from, but it's also deeply overwhelming at times, especially when you're confused about what you actually want. There are many ways to compare products to ensure that you're getting something good, but what is most important to you? Is it value for money? Do you want a luxury product for a very special occasion? Do you want a novelty item? Is quality more important than worrying about the price tag? The Seven of Cups holds an excellent message to help a querent deal with the difficulty of making a decision. It illustrates a time when many different choices and pathways are open for the taking. It's a sign that suddenly life has opened right up in front of the querent and they may either feel a strong desire to grab everything at once or, in contrast, a pressure that makes them want to run away and hide from the responsibility they feel to act! The message inherent in this card revolves around the importance of prioritising. Deciding what you're looking for and sticking to a set of requirements that will produce contentment in the long-term will make the decision making process a lot more clear cut.

Strangely, this card often comes up when I'm doing Work and Career readings. It's a perfect fit for a querent who's wondering which move to make with regards to their profession. If a decision has to be made between staying in a position or moving on to something different, the Seven of Cups advises the querent to sit down and work out what is most important to them. It could be that the need to receive a better salary is paramount at the moment, which could mean that it's time to look around for a better paid position even though the current job provides a satisfactory working environment. Maybe progression with study or training is the most important thing and a rival position which offers a training program should then be given serious consideration. Being presented with a few different choices means that it's more advisable than ever to decide what you want and not just what's expected of you. Making a change for the sake of it requires spontaneity and bravery but if it's not serving your long-term game plan, it's not ultimately helpful.

The Seven of Cups has a theme of confusion and of being bombarded with options. The only way to clarify things is to quieten your mind and achieve focus through looking inside yourself for the answers. There could be some falsehoods or illusions at work here. What are you really trying to achieve? What might be too good to be true? Are you pursuing the most beneficial thing for you as an individual? Don't let temporary impulses pull you too much in either direction. Know your desires consciously before acting.