Friday, 6 April 2012

getting together

The people with whom you have a real affinity are the people who can inspire you and make you feel good about yourself. The Three of Cups may be asking you to decide who those people are in your life or why you choose the friends you do. Have you recently befriended someone you feel you've known for ages? Which qualities are attracting you to this person and what do they reflect about your own nature? How do you choose your friends and are there any disappointments or mistakes with friendships in the past that have made you cautious or changed the way you think about friendship?

This card is sometimes a sign that you need to spend some quality time with good friends or family members, either to unwind and have a fun or to glean a totally different perspective on a problem you're having. Sometimes the only advice we're taking is our own and that can lead to problems as we become more confused and insular. Allow good friends to impart their wisdom and absorb their points of view in order to make the best decision for you. I also think it's a good idea to allow this card to encourage you to ask yourself questions about what kind of friend you are and whether the people in your life may need your help at the moment.

Taking time to enjoy a diverse and interesting social life is a good way to get yourself to open up. We all have a tendency to fixate on one thing at times or drag ourselves down by worrying about things we can't change. Even when we're at our most stressed, we're never usually so time poor that we can't spare an hour or two in the week to catch up with the people who make us feel comfortable in our skin. Perhaps you've been wondering for a while if a friend of yours would really be there for you when the chips are down and maybe the appearance of the Three of Cups is suggesting that it might be time to find out. There's also a suggestion of the importance of reunion and the need to fortify older connections as new ones take over.

The close connections we keep and lose throughout our lives provide us with rich, deep lessons in the art of living life to the full. Give and take is an important theme here but so is the need for enjoyment and good times.