Monday, 23 April 2012

harnessing perfect power

The Queen of Wands holds a message of powerful energy. This is energy which can present itself on many levels. Sometimes it involves psychological progression and the ability to understand things in a new, more profound way. Sometimes it's creative energy that starts in the imagination and makes its way into your projects and achievements. It can be a harmonising power - the power to get people together, mobilise people and lead from the front. It's always positive but, as with all the cards in the Tarot, it carries a warning element too, and this is usually based around the risk of exhaustion or resentment. When you're running on a full tank and getting things done in a way that benefits yourself and others, you can find people leaning on you or taking advantage of your abilities. You can also find that you take on too much and feel drained or undervalued in the long-term. Cards that deal with the positive force of good energy always also remind us to invest that energy into the right places, direct it towards the right people and keep some back for yourself, for use when things become chaotic and stressful.

This queen often appears when a querent is feeling confident and capable. It speaks of those incredible highs we all experience from time to time, when everything seems to be moving in the right direction and planning and productivity result in positive outcomes all round. This kind of period is to be used. It's not to be squandered or under-appreciated. Optimism and self-belief are awesome tools on the path to true desires and if they're given room to work their magic, the rewards will be great. If there's anything pulling us back or restraining us from moving with the power of this inner force, we must ask ourselves how it can be culled. Negative energy in our sphere of influence can discourage us at our most powerful, so pinpointing and avoiding it is key to reducing its effects.

If you're on a spiritual path or engaging in a course of study, the Queen of Wands offers a view of yourself as successful, charged with good intentions and able to see your qualities and skills clearly. Just keep a level-head, don't overfeed your ego and make sure there are more people in your life cheering you on than dragging you down.