Saturday, 21 April 2012

heart versus head

Sometimes we literally feel like our heart and our head are two different people offering advice from opposite perspectives. This is not helped by the fact that there are so many conflicting viewpoints out there on which one it's safer and healthier to trust. Everyone's heard people say, 'Don't let your heart rule your head' but at the same time, 'Listen to your heart' is often quite popular advice. In Tarot the two ways of dealing with what life throws our way are equally addressed and respected, and I'd say that most decent solutions come from listening to both. 'Six of one and half a dozen of the other' is something I try to remember when a querent tells me that their heart is screaming one thing but their head is telling them to go another way.

If you're feeling torn between two courses of action, one is probably based more on your emotions and the other is probably coming from a practical or earthly point of view. You may be feeling spontaneous and 'devil may care' in one way but then thinking overtime about the possible consequences of the actions you might carry out on the other hand.

- Draw two cards - one to represent both parts of the equation. What do these cards tell you about how to deal with the feelings that are tugging you in a certain direction? How much of your desire to be cautious and sensible is actually valid and justified?

- Beneath the two cards you've drawn, select three more to lay out under each to analyse the possible results and implications of following either pathway. How do you react to these cards? What kind of scenarios do they suggest? Which way forward is going to cause less pain in the long-term? Do you actually care about the pain that your desired direction may cause or are you still thinking that it's better to let your inner most instincts rule over your rational mind? Why is this? Is it because you lost out on something you really wanted in the past and now find yourself sure that you must take every opportunity in order to be happy? Do you just have a massive desire to shake things up and invite change without wanting to consider how rash, reckless behaviour may jeopardise your inner peace?

- Beneath these two lines of cards, place one at the bottom. This card is the link between head and heart. It is telling you that although both ways of thinking are valid and deserve consideration, you will need to enter them both into evidence if you're to find an outcome you're satisfied with. This card should be treated as the advice card to help you to emerge from the confusion with a clear way forward.

Remember, part of the reason that so many people are interested in having their future predicted is because it makes life easier. If we are able to believe that everything is ultimately out of our hands, we can sit pretty and wait for things to come our way. But life doesn't actually work that way. We are writing our futures one day at a time and the only thing Tarot can really help with is the decision making process itself, which we need to be brave enough to take control over.