Sunday, 29 April 2012

keeping up with the knight of wands

The Knight of Wands is going full steam ahead into a time of creative abundance. The power of his imagination is strong and its affects are felt throughout the kingdom as he invests potent energy into incredible projects, the results of which are set to motivate and inspire others to follow in his footsteps, letting what's inside rise to the surface to spread colour and art into every available space. His power is undeniable and his tenacity impressive. But he needs to keep a close watch on how much effort he's putting forth and how much is probably too much. This card is a celebration of your ability and desire, but it's also a message of the need for balance and relaxation. Passion is a big theme with all of the knights in Tarot, but the Knight of Wands is particularly partial to creative expression, spiritual journeys and living life to the absolute full. He wants to experience everything and allow it to permeate his consciousness and fill him with awakening. In his animated urge to push forward and challenge himself, he may inadvertently become ruthless, unfeeling or dictatorial. This is the part we're trying to avoid.

Don't overbook yourself. Make commitments in accordance with your interests and desires, not to prove a point or to save face. The influence you're under is valuable here. Don't waste productive energy on things that won't matter in the long-run. Decide where your focus lies. Working to excess will result in exhaustion and resentment. The energy described by the Knight of Wands is one of extreme confidence, flamboyance, felicity, boldness and spirit. There is an element of childlike unawareness of the possible downfalls. Flying high above the mundane without acceptance of day-to-day responsibilities often results in a difficult 'come down' period in which everything seems grey and devoid of excitement. This can be avoided by keeping in touch with reality, gleaning the perspectives of others and not allowing the ego to get out of control.

I sometimes feel that the Knight of Wands in the reversed position can suggest a block in a qurent's creative energy, ambition unrealised or laziness and procrastination. If these issues are being raised, an appraisal of the knight's true character as a free-wheeling, individualistic artist who wants to 'suck the marrow out of life' offers the querent a portrait of who they can be if they strip away insecurity and apathy.