Friday, 13 April 2012

making affirmations count

Let's take a look at more affirmations the cards can offer to help us live a fuller life. Remember, when creating an affirmation for a Tarot card, tune into the key message as it speaks to you and then come up with a core sentence to convey its power in a straight forward way. Keep a list of affirmations in your Tarot journal or in a notepad so that when you do a daily draw or you find that a card keeps coming up in readings, you can have a quick and easy way to see how its advice can be used as a simple, effective instruction.

These affirmations focus on taking control. Turning to the Tarot during times of chaos and uncertainty allows the cards to open up pathways for us and encourage us to 'take the bull by the horns' when we are harbouring unhelpful notions of incapability or weakness.

Seven of Wands - I am taking clear, decisive action to sort out each of my problems.

Ten of Cups - I am freely enjoying the emotional life I deserve amongst the people I trust.

Four of Swords - I am moving away from tension and anxiety towards a calm, balanced perspective.

Strength - Diplomacy and moderation are the keys to clearing my path of obstacles.

Queen of Swords - My rational, logical mind helps me to overcome adversity.

Two of Pentacles - I take control of my material well-being through decisive action.

The Tower - I deal responsibly and bravely with destructive, unforeseen circumstances.

Six of Pentacles - I am in control of who to trust, what to spend and where to invest.

Page of Wands - I am fully prepared and ready to embark on the next stage of my spiritual journey.

Five of Cups - I am leaving past anguish behind and preparing for emotional fulfilment.

Affirmations not only serve to boil down and simplify the messages in the cards, they also act as a way to clarify the meanings. The 'water can become muddied' once we've added on the extra study that comes with different decks approaching different mythologies and beliefs, different spreads and techniques etc.. A strong, simple sentence is a reminder of a card's key power.