Thursday, 26 April 2012

rub a little starlight on it

Healing, hope, clarity, relaxation.. All sounds good, right? The Star tends to incorporate all of these themes in Tarot, but it's a mistake to see it as a wholly positive card as many guidebooks would have you believe. In my opinion, every card in the deck has a host of warning elements alongside the positivity they bring. This is the beauty of the Tarot system - there is always something to be learned. Under the influence of The Star the querent has probably learned a hell of a lot lately and been able to take on board several lessons that they were unable to comprehend and appreciate before. It's been a period of real crafting and reassessment and now the soothing light of a star in the sky brings a much needed stillness - an opportunity to reflect on the progress that's been made. Terry Donaldson mentions in 'Step-By-Step Tarot' that The Star is often representative of a 'cooling off' period. A little halfway house between significant events, where it seems appropriate to sit down, stop and think things over. Healing is a big theme here because these quiet times allow us to absorb the lessons we've been offered and help us to decide on the way forward from there. We change so much after our point of view alters dramatically. We become different people after a wake-up call or two! We need time and space to decide how those changes can be used to instigate something positive. Maybe a querent finally feels ready to start the mammoth project they'd never felt able to complete. Maybe there's a feeling that old wounds can be addressed and brought out into the open for re-examination now that there's been a shift in consciousness. Perhaps it's time to focus attention in a totally new direction. Whatever has been gained as the result of the difficult period that's been survived, nothing can be achieved without first relaxing and taking a break. Self-nurturing is of great importance here. Taking care of mental and physical well-being will generate the right kind of energy for use on the road ahead. 

There's a lot of compassion present in this card. Empathy is being offered openly and connections are being made between people who need help and people who feel able to offer it. The ebb and flow of give and take is working its magic, bringing people out of isolation and back into the swing of things. Offering an open ear or letting it be known that your assistance is on offer can be just enough to promote discussion and cooperation where there was once suspicion or resentment. Optimism goes a long way towards breaching the barriers people put up too. If you're smiling on the inside, why not smile on the outside and witness the positive effects?

I have always felt that the warning element in The Star could be as simple as this: Don't be naive. Although you may want to give freely of your time and energy, don't forget that there are some out there who won't appreciate your agenda of generosity and openness. Instead, they are the kind of people who are wrapped up in material gain and will want to manipulate a situation to further their own petty affairs. Don't be disheartened too much by the attitudes of others. Keep going on the path towards your personal enlightenment and don't feel that you have to change what you're in search of just to feel better understood or respected. Challenges may present themselves, but hope is a tough bitch to kill.