Sunday, 29 April 2012

the ruler of love

The King of Cups is a seeker of beauty and harmony. He loves the limelight, he loves good conversation and he especially loves romance. The King wants to do everything in a big way. He wants things to happen and he wants them to happen now. Under the influence of this card a querent may be feeling generous, optimistic, incredibly emotional and determined to go after their happiness. Bridges can be built with the power of the King, as the skills of compromise, negotiation and good listening come to the fore and empathy is a free flowing commodity for the benefit of all. The most important task for this powerful figure is to acknowledge and understand the difference between being led by his emotions and being unable to handle them. How much is too much? That's the question this card regularly asks us to answer. Kings in Tarot are always a representation of control - the importance of having it and the danger of having too much. Trying to dictate the outcome of a situation through being manipulative, rigid or dictatorial is never conducive to a long-term contentment. The King of Cups may become so consumed with his own version of what's right that he will step on other people's toes to get it. He may mistake infatuation for love or invest too much significance into something with only limited potential. The warning elements in this card surround themes like jealousy, emotional extremity, obsession or an inability to see the true nature of a relationship. The King warns us to keep our feet on the ground and to keep something back for ourselves when a connection with another human being becomes the centre of our lives.

This card is concerned with communication - but only if it's honest and well intentioned. It signifies an ability to motivate people to resolve their issues and sort things out. Perhaps a querent has found themselves in the role of mediator between two warring factions of the family. Perhaps long-standing issues in a friendship need to come to the surface and the querent can finally feel bold enough to act. But there must never be a superiority complex in play. And there must always be a respect for the other point of view. Sometimes patience is more than a little necessary when people don't see eye to eye, even if they really love each other. A king may always want to make things happen through making orders and declarations, but when human hearts tangle and clash it is much more complicated than that, so if a resolution is to be reached, stubbornness and short-sightedness must be done away with.

The King of Cups has a high chance of being able to make something begin and take shape in a positive way. But he must also accept when something is over. He must have the grace and good judgement necessary to undo his tight grip on a situation and let it take its natural course. Kings always suggest a risk of extremes and of fixation. A respect for the natural course of events is an absolute must.