Sunday, 29 April 2012

the start of something wonderful

A new way of approaching the connections we make in life is often just as significant as a new connection itself. A renewed sense of your own ability to love and appreciate those close to you is beautiful - it gives the things you take for granted more depth and meaning. The Ace of Cups can often represent that new understanding and its benefits. Sometimes life offers us an incredible opportunity to re-evaluate the importance of our strong bonds, to reconnect and to remember the good times in a way we haven't allowed ourselves to in a while. This card is also a symbol of the freedom to reach out and grasp what's being offered in abundance. It's a message of fearlessness and trust, despite how difficult those things often are to give. There's no room for emotional armour and cynical defences when a connection is deepening so undeniably. In a way, the message is one of light-hearted acceptance - the water's fine, come on in!

When the Ace of Cups appears to indicate a brand new friendship or relationship, it asks us to seriously question the value we're prepared to place on it and how to integrate it into our lives. When this card is drawn, it's a reminder that the tender beginnings of a new connection can involve a lot of intense feeling. It's all too easy to mistake the awesome potential of something for its whole nature. Don't be blinded by unmitigated joy. Keep your wits about you. Enjoy the new association for what it is without placing unrealistic expectations onto it. Don't become lost in the high and, above all, don't change yourself to accommodate someone else. It was you who drew the person to your life in the first place, so stay true to your character and don't be afraid to keep it as real as possible.

This card can also be read as a new relationship between yourself and yourself! Spiritual abundance is present in its message and that counts for a lot. Not only will it allow you to contribute to the relationships in your life more fully, it will also allow you to appreciate yourself more and give yourself a whole lotta love.