Saturday, 21 April 2012


Here's a taste of some feedback from querents this year so far.

"Great reading and interpretations. Words hit at the soul level.
Highly recommend.

- Shirley, reading via Etsy shop

"Wow, thanks. Spot on reading."
- Sarah, reading via Etsy shop

"Great reading, so detailed, thanks!"
- Zojo1018, reading via Etsy shop

"Insightful. A useful tool for the year ahead."
-Lou, reading via Etsy shop

"Amazing service and prompt response.
Will most definitely be shopping from this store again."

- Vicki, reading via Etsy shop

"Yet again thank you for another amazing reading. The reading gave so much information and all of it made sense to me. You picked up on stuff that's happened with such accuracy."
- Charlotte, reading via Etsy shop

"Thank you very much for this, I don't know what I was expecting but your reading is incredible!"
- Sarah Jane, reading via facebook

"Thank you for the reading. It makes a lot of sense to me
and is just how things are."

Jacqui, reading via facebook

I've really enjoyed furthering my Tarot experience in 2012 and getting to know people on a one-to-one level as they challenge themselves to grow stronger and move forward using the messages in the cards.

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