Friday, 13 April 2012

the value of fate

Feeling materially stable gives us peace of mind. Sometimes we're trying to work on extra ways to make cash or organise our bank balance or work situation, not because we actually need to but because we feel insecure in some way. The Four of Pentacles is a representation of that insecurity and, more importantly, a reminder that there's only so much we can do to prevent it. Nothing is for certain and the only thing micromanaging is going to do for you is up your heart rate and lose you friends! The guy in the Four of Pentacles card is often a cautious, panicky figure, pulling his material possessions close to him, assuming an unhealthy degree of control over his environment. He's probably failing to heed outside advice, believing that the only way to avoid disaster is to maintain dominant authority over everything. A certain degree of organisation and prudence is the key to averting unnecessary monetary loss, yet we must also be willing to understand that sometimes life throws the unexpected at us even if we did nothing to warrant it.

The suit of Pentacles itself is a linear commentary on the various ineptitudes of those who choose to see material gain as overall success or deep contentment. Taking the reins in our material lives should better allow us to transcend their trappings and thus help us to be better at absorbing the spiritual and emotional knowledge that's so much more beneficial and important in the long run. There's nothing wrong with keeping your feet on the ground and staying in touch with concerns such as money, work and health. Of course, we live in a world where those issues are often paramount and are a source of triumph as well as stress. But we shouldn't drop anchor there. Just because you're riding high in the monetary stakes doesn't mean your relationship with your partner, your mental health or your sense of who you are is sorted..

For me, the primary message of the Four of Pentacles is - do what you can. Scrape together what you need, fill out the paperwork, heighten your job search, open a savings account, have a meeting with your cohabitants about how to manage the bills, stop overspending.. Those things are within your capabilities and doing them will make you feel more calm and more able to face the future head on. After that, leave it to fate. To an extent, the universe is going to have its way with you, for better or worse, in spite of every preparation you've made. You can't build a wall to shut out life, so you might as well spend some of your time worrying less and living more.