Wednesday, 25 April 2012

waiting it out with the hanged man

I believe that almost every Tarot reading asks the querent to look at things in a different way. It's part of the magic of the system - it offers fresh perspective and opens the mind to possibilities that may not have already been considered. The message of The Hanged Man tends to take this one step further, suggesting that perhaps the querent's perspective may be skewed, biased or in some way mistaken. The Hanged Man is upside down, so his way of seeing the world is not the same as everyone else's. If he's not aware of his predicament, or he's spent too long in that position and doesn't remember seeing things the right way up, he might be feeling out of touch and alienated! After all, it's difficult for someone who sees the world so differently to integrate and empathise with those around them. Sometimes The Hanged Man shows up to ask us why we think or feel a certain way about our situation and to push us to look at things differently. Would it kill us to think outside the box, in the interests of finding a solution? Sometimes this card can point to the presence of false information or assumptions. Sometimes it suggests stubbornness. But whatever the context, it carries a strong message of the need for open-mindedness and the acceptance that not everyone will view a situation in the same way.

The Hanged Man is suspended and still, much like life could be for the querent if this card is drawn in a reading. It indicates a period of waiting, and this demands patience and calm. Not every time in our life is fast-paced and exciting. Sometimes we're striving towards a goal that never seems to be reached and it's all to easy too let apathy creep into our attitude. The Hanged Man tells us to value these slower times. They are a chance to reflect and take a breather. Frustration and resentment won't move things along any faster. A period of gestation and deep meditation may be in order. This card can represent the thoughtful, considered calm before the crossroads that will lead on to the next phase.

Self-sacrifice is a strong theme here too. A lot is being asked of someone under this influence and that can be tough. I feel that sometimes this card asks us to reconsider the amount we're giving. At other times it encourages us to give freely with no reservations and to see what materialises as a result of using our energy in selfless ways for the greater good. Often this card is seen as largely negative, but it can be an incredible starting point for clearer vision.