Sunday, 6 May 2012

love can flourish

The Page of Cups signifies the beginning of the next stage of a journey into matters of spirituality, friendship, self-discovery or love. This next stage will approach the deeper levels of the subject. It is the seed of important growth and often, when the Page appears in a reading, it signifies a real voice of reassurance and encouragement for the querent: reach out, go forward, let go, don't be so afraid of the future.. There's a lot of optimism and positivity present under this influence. It might be a time to embrace a new friendship fully, or start branching out socially. It might be a time to recognise a new-found ability or self-confidence. The drive to go after the heart's desire may be pinpointed and brought to the surface here. Communication will prove to be fruitful and meaningful as a fresh desire for community and empathy comes into view.

But the Page is also asking for caution. Look before you leap wholesale into that intense new friendship that you don't know all that much about. Read the literature and question what you're told when it comes to that new spiritual path you're embarking on. Ask why, question how, know what you want and not just what you feel you should want out of something.

Good intentions count for a lot. The desire to get involved in something new and exciting is addressed in this card and it's encouraged to a point, but keeping your head on your shoulders is also advisable! Remember to allow life to unfold organically and respect its process - rushing in without looking or thinking will lead to disappointment or confusion. There's a lot that can be achieved under the influence of the Page, particularly regarding reaching a consensus and understanding with those around you. Love can flourish here. Friendships can sweeten life all the more and self-worth can thrive and be injected into projects and spiritual journeys to create a kind of success that can't be measured scientifically but can be enjoyed endlessly. As long as responsibility for one's actions is recognised, a lot of powerful, warm energy can flow throughout a friendship circle or within a relationship for the benefit of all concerned.