Sunday, 6 May 2012

tough love from the five of cups

Dejection and disillusionment can lead to feelings of having been betrayed or abandoned, when in reality, your expectations may have been too high to ever be realised. When your perception of a situation doesn't accurately reflect what's really happening, the inevitably unsatisfactory outcome creates a depression that can consume you and distract you from the good, positive relationships in your life. The Five of Cups speaks strongly of this problem and it appears in a spread to ask you to address it decisively and honestly. The card illustrates a person with a dark cape around them in a shroud. Their head is bent under the weight of misery which is poisoning the atmosphere with cynicism and unhappiness. In this figure's preoccupation with what's been lost, an inability to appreciate what's real comes into being. There's a real danger of emotional blindness in this card. It demonstrates the negative effects of fixation, bitterness, tunnel-vision and seclusion from the actual facts.

Communication is important under this influence. Being honest about your expectations is the key to allowing those in your life to act accordingly. It's difficult to justify your right to complain about the endless repetition of a bad situation if you have done nothing to actively change it. This card can also tap into a querent's need to decide if those hurting them are doing so consciously and intentionally or if, in fact, there has simply been a misunderstanding.The Five of Cups calls for perspective. It asks you not to get too wrapped up in your own needs and instead take a look at what can be achieved for the greater good. Too much of an emphasis on the negative can suffocate positivity and leave you feeling drained, undervalued, angry and powerless. Although I think that the Five of Cups addresses the need to let go of a painful past, I also think that it addresses pain in the present and asks us to question why we feel this pain, if it's justified and how it can be dealt with. It's a message against apathy.

Dealing with loss on the emotional level requires humility. The wisdom to accept that you are not the centre of the universe and that sometimes other people will act in their own best interests and not yours is important. I believe that the warning element in this card addresses the problems of selfishness, short-sightedness and self-involvement, and the request of this card is to combat those feelings by dissecting them, understanding their origins and then disposing of them. They are harmful and they render you unable to move forward.