Sunday, 26 August 2012

to the victor the spoils

Achieving what we hoped for in the material realm generates feelings of contentment and security, but it also encourages us to be cautious with our decisions and actions so as not to lose what we've built. The Ten of Pentacles can often be a suggestion that it's important to walk on tried and tested ground and avoid taking risks. Taking care when making decisions involving property, joint investments or career issues will mean the difference between advancing into prosperity steadily and losing it all to a foolish whim. Sometimes a querent is being asked to sum up what's important and what's ultimately expendable so that the material and spiritual are balanced priorities.

There's usually more than one person in the Ten of Pentacles illustration, and they are surrounded by a bountiful domestic setting with plants, a homestead and animals. This kind of scene addresses the importance of domestic equilibrium. Decisions should be made after consulting everyone who may be potentially affected by them. Acting alone may result in resentment or confusion, so if the querent's question is regarding how to move forward, they are largely being encouraged to open up and communicate with those around them if this card is drawn. If this card appears in the hopes or fears positions, it is indicative of issues with the domestic situation. Perhaps there's a lack of trust. Perhaps there's too much self-sacrifice. The card's message of harmony and co-operation can be suggestive of a lack of life outside of the project at hand. When a few people are working together to achieve something, it can often be important for each individual to also step back and maintain a sense of their own individuality too. Losing ourselves to some 'greater good' can be harmful. It's wonderful to use team work and compromise to achieve a goal, but there needs to be a hefty dose of self-respect brought to the table as well, so that everyone can benefit from the spoils of hard work without having to abandon their own personal pursuits.

Essentially, the Ten of Pentacles encourages celebration of what's been gained through diligent effort, but it doesn't come without an important warning about staying true to yourself. Any collaborative efforts occurring in your life should be respected - keeping everyone in the loop before acting will be the key to maintaining harmony in a group. But you also need to ensure that you're enjoying your life on your own terms too. Don't be swallowed up by a desire to sacrifice all of your time and energy to a joint goal. Make sure you enjoy your own time and restore your powers in a way that seems suitable to you.