Sunday, 14 October 2012

begin at the beginning

The Ace of Pentacles is a representation of the myriad of feelings that are triggered when a new door opens. Anxiety, uncertainty, doubt and fear often share a bed with enthusiasm, optimism, faith and self-confidence. Grappling for position, these emotions can be difficult to handle and sometimes lead us into dangerous and unfortunate places, like Procrastinationville, Naivety Town and Panic Attack Central. Once stuck inside these places with no ready access to a map, we can become lost inside their winding, complicated terrain and unable to get back to the door behind which lies new opportunity. Aces in Tarot are representative of new beginnings and usually they portray that awkward stage when there's no real plan of action yet and the raw ambition is not backed up by solid research and a strong foundation. In the suit of Pentacles, which pertain to the earthly, material realm, the Ace can suggest a new business venture, a plan to save money for a specific purpose or  a desire to undergo a project of some kind (usually domestic or financially lucrative). Your desire is there, your will is evident, but it's still early days and your plan to take over the world is still a little half baked. This time demands caution, realism and a steady pace. Don't get ahead of yourself. Stay humble, stay curious and feel your way through the darkness as your plan comes together out of the chaos of its raw material. Don't run before you can walk.

So, what is the central message of the Ace of Pentacles? Well, for one, it's there to tell you not to pinch yourself - you're not dreaming. You are standing on the brink of something new and exciting - something that definitely has potential. Fortify yourself and tell yourself you can do it. You can be your biggest cheerleader at a time like this. Show yourself the love. This is effectively your chance to water the seed that's just begun to sprout. There's nothing wrong with being ambitious, enthusiastic and confident. Those are some of the major ingredients for success. On the other hand, this card is here to tell you to trust the process. This is take off, not landing. You're still learning, still finding your feet and still seeing how the land lies, so get in touch with your intuition, your inner dialogue and your sense of yourself as the eager pupil. Do your research, learn your market, network, write some notes on what needs to be done, create a schedule - whatever works for you in your particular circumstances. You are not expected to know overnight what is required of you and where all of this preparation and planning will end up. For now, follow your nose and have fun with it. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Listen to advice from people who are in the kind of position you eventually wish to be in. Listen to advice from people who know you. Listen to your own advice. Be persistent, consistent and driven, without being too eager to merely get to the finish line. This is the experimentation stage. Think of it as a research laboratory. Make mental notes of what works and what doesn't go so well. Too much focus on reaching the finish line will prevent you from looking around as you embark on your journey, thereby causing you to miss out on the gorgeous scenery. This card signifies the beginning of a journey which will involve a great many lessons and opportunities for reflection and reassessment. There's nothing wrong with knowing what you're aiming for. Just remember to enjoy the ups and downs that come before eventual achievement.