Sunday, 14 October 2012

further down the road

Since I first got my hands on a pack of Tarot cards many moons ago, my relationship with the deck and its richness of symbols and messages has grown into something I couldn't have predicted back then. The path towards the knowledge I have in my possession now was beset by doubts, slumps and the occasional prolonged hiatus, all of which I now realise helped me to confirm for myself the kind of reader I wanted to be and the ways in which I would allow Tarot to enrich my life and the lives of others. At one point I became worried that I couldn't allow Tarot to become a truly intense passion, because I wasn't able to conform to what I suspected might have been the golden rule: Tarot reader = fortune teller. This association was an issue, since I believed that a person's fortune was largely theirs to decide on and was not pre-ordained. And as for telling - I certainly didn't feel that I wanted to tell clients anything, but merely to guide them to make their own choices. Was there a place for an enthusiast like me in a world filled with ideas of Romany gypsies predicting births, deaths and marriages, all with the theatrical flare of fatalism?

It took a massive adjustment period, a little self-exploration and a few google searches to recognise that a huge, positive movement to embrace Tarot as a tool for self-development and psychotherapy was alive and kicking and that I clearly fit right in. Unbeknownst to me, plenty of people were looking for much more than a flamboyantly dressed psychic. The desire to have the beauty and guidance of Tarot woven into transpersonal therapy and listening counselling meant that I didn't feel like such an alien and that my way of thinking could be coherently compared to the techniques and writings already laid down by pioneers before me. I suddenly felt that I'd found my place in the Tarot community, after a few years of wondering how to adequately explain my passion for Tarot without shrugging it off, belittling it or feeling awkward about it. So, what's on the cards for me next?

Having already completed some mandatory counselling training as part and parcel of the health care work I embarked on in my past, I am currently brushing up on those skills with a new course and this will be followed up by a few specialist diplomas in various areas I've been eager to explore for a long time. Hitting the books is contributing massively to the way in which I approach and structure my Tarot practice for others. Beginning my Youtube channel has afforded me a fresh opportunity to express my thoughts on Tarot and also to offer accessible face-to-face guidance from the cards to whoever might need some out there. Facebook has given people the opportunity to get a free reading from me when I have the time to offer them and my Etsy shop offers much longer, more in-depth readings for a price that won't break the bank.  

All in all, I have found a place I can call home in Tarot Town. All it took was the bravery to break out of the mould I suspected had been set for me. Every Tarot enthusiast approaches their passion in a different way with a different agenda. My way is just one way, but it's the way I feel comfortable with. My down to earth, user friendly approach may lack the poetry and enigma that some are looking for. It may not be steeped in mysticism and it may not necessarily be classically romantic or suitably cryptic. What it does offer is straight talk in an increasingly wonky world. For every person who comes across my blog, shop or channel and doesn't rate the problem-solving, counselling approach, there will be someone else who's looking for a reader just like me and finds something valuable to take from their Tarot experience as a result of my ability to find my voice and gain the confidence to follow through.

Just a few positive thoughts on my journey so far.