Monday, 12 November 2012

ok go!

The four Knights in Tarot are the embodiments of action in each element. They are doers, go-getters, risk-takers.. They haven't amassed self-knowledge and confidence simply for vanity - they want to use it to get somewhere or be something. The Knight of Pentacles is a ball of earthly energy. He is focused intently on a primary concern in the physical realm and he intends to make his goal into a tangible reality using the lessons he's learned. His focus is unbreakable and his determination is admirable but he must ensure that he maintains a balance between forward motion and relaxation. Losing sight of his inner needs at this important time could cause major burn out. When the Knight of Pentacles appears in a reading it's often an opportunity to consider how you're approaching your aspirations and shaping your life. Do you utilise qualities like diplomacy, good judgement, rationality and patience when you're trying to make a plan come together? Or do you rush in, guns blazing, only thinking of the consequences later? Do you believe in your right to succeed whilst at the same time believing that the same right exists for others? Are you dealing with your dilemmas in a manner that promotes balance and harmony? Your energy is precious. It can be used to further your objective, or it can unintentionally become a wall to stand in your way. Make sure you're directing your energy exactly where you want it to go. Are you putting too much of it into trivialities? Do you pour it into regrets about your past? Lend focus to your energy so that you're not wasting it.

This card often symbolises hard work, responsibility and the laying out of careful plans. Remember, the Knights are Pages who are growing up. They have shaken off the naivety and entitlement that may have plagued them in their early stages of growth and they are now 'coming into their own' and defining their own space and their right to exist within it. This means dealing with limitations, challenges - reality. There is an element of discipline in each of the Knights. The Knight of Pentacles particularly holds a message of trusting the process. Whatever he's making is not going to materialise overnight, so he must learn to relish every moment of the building process, otherwise he's going to be bored, frustrated and constantly anxious. Are you able to trust the process you're going through on the way to your dreams? Do you berate yourself for not reaching the end fast enough? Are you constantly in fear of taking a wrong turn? Do you feel you're not good enough to finally reach the end? Trusting the process is about accepting that your hard work is going towards something bigger than the sum of its parts and that time and patience is necessary in order to complete the journey.

Intention is at its most powerful when it is focused with no distractions surrounding it. It is also in its healthiest state when you're not emotionally dominated by it at all times. Listen to your inner voice. Remember that life should be multifaceted. If you're too busy spending every waking moment on achieving your goal, you might miss a fantastic sunset. It's called refuelling.