Saturday, 29 December 2012

standing at the crossroads

Twos in Tarot are representative of a crossroads. Choice is a key theme because a human being can't live at a crossroads forever; change is inevitable, whether we want it or not, so it seems sensible to own our choices and explore our options rather than digging our heels in and refusing what's coming. In the Two of Swords there is a message of inability to define what each of the two roads on offer is ultimately leading to. A great many illustrations for this card in different Tarot decks includes an blindfolded figure who holds a sword in each hand to denote two different directions. The blindfold indicates the lack of knowledge the figure has of these roads. This means that they must make their choice based on intuition and desire - they are being asked to look inwards rather than outwards for the answer. So, in many ways, this card is about accountability and about taking control of the choices we have to make. But it's also about facing a fear of the unknown by accepting that we are writing the future as we live in the present. Even if there is a way to find out what our future will be in accordance with the route we take, is that really a gift we want? Is it really desirable to find out what's going to happen at the end? Isn't it more appealing to weave our own tapestry and not allow the knowledge of what's next to dictate what we do in the here and now?

Whatever your perspective is on these questions, the Two of Swords is often a symbol of a need to choose in some way and, in order to do this, you must look at your deepest feelings and instincts. This card can often appear as a way to ask the seeker if the time is ripe to stand still and engage in deep contemplation. Before any important decision is made, the pros and cons are weighed up. The appearance of the Two of Swords can often be indicative of this time during which we analyse our options and work out what feels right. Is it time to take a risk? Or to take some necessary precautions? Do you need to dedicate time to one ambition over another? Are there drastic changes which need to be made right now so that you can craft the future you want for yourself and those close to you? The blindfold is your blessing. It enables you to engage in the most important dialogue of your life - the dialogue you have with yourself.