Sunday, 16 December 2012

the gift of tarot

During this festive season it occurred to me to take a look through my trusty Tarot deck and consider which cards hold a particularly strong seasonal message. What does Tarot have to tell us about how to make the most of Christmas? Here are some ideas.

Three of Cups - A big part of Christmas is gathering. Families gather together, particularly when it comes to family members who don't normally see each other making the effort to meet and celebrate. Friends have parties and strangers are friendly and open in the street as they absorb the Christmas spirit. The Three of Cups is a symbol of socialising and taking joy in the presence of others. What stronger Christmas message could there be?

The Star - Healing and charity are strong themes with The Star. Compassion is a big part of its message and during the Christmas period a lot of people's thoughts turn to those less fortunate. Giving to charity is a staple activity for many and it's part of the gift giving process, but it's also important for people to reach out on a more personal and local level too. Who do you know who might not be having such a joyful season? What can we do in our neighbourhoods, communities and social circles to spread a little happiness? Loneliness is amplified at Christmas.

Six of Pentacles - How and why we give to others is approached in this card. It's important to be careful with money these days. Don't go crazy on your Christmas shopping. Live within your means and if gift buying is a huge stress on your purse and blood pressure, reconsider the way you're going about things. Don't concentrate on what other people are doing. That's their life. Live yours.

The Devil - Our bad habits and negative cycles are approached towards New Year as we write our resolutions and start gearing up for a fresh start. The potency of ending and beginning is powerful and can really drive us towards improving our lives and changing our outlooks. The Devil is a card with a big theme of approaching emotional blockages and dealing with the things that are bad for us. What are you leaving behind in order to truly embrace 2013?

Tarot wishes you a very merry Christmas.