Sunday, 17 March 2013

a little message of hope

I've noticed that it's a time of struggle, transition and introspection lately, for some of the people in the online community as well as amongst my nearest and dearest. I just wanted to offer some love and encouragement to those who may be feeling a little unsure of their footing. I'm not sure if there's some synchronicity flowing through this (I often feel that there is) but it seems that many inner and outer challenges are coming up which are testing our limits and causing us to re-evaluate things. Here's some of my key advice, from one traveller to another, for keeping the ride as smooth as possible.

Go with the flow
Taoism teaches strength in flexibility. Accepting the inevitable ebb and flow of life, bending to nature, riding the wave - this is how we really absorb the lessons which our challenges offer us. Problems tend to arise when we try to halt, disrupt or deny the natural changes taking place in our lives. With less judgement and less resistance, we can find the power within us to not only accept change but to permit it to help us grow. Remember,

' You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters are continually flowing in.'
- Heraclitus

Be the point of stillness
As the world around you becomes chaotic, unpredictable, even hostile, try to see your inner self as a refuge and as a place of constant stillness. It's easy to feel caught up in it all - dragged along against your will and unable to find your way back to yourself. This is why it's important to practice mindfulness and to check in with yourself. Take a little time each day to find your centre. Your centre is the place where you are you - no interruptions, no outside influences. You are a place of purity and stillness. You can go to you whenever you need to.

Remember you're a caterpillar 
Transformation of any kind is akin to a caterpillar's metamorphosis into a butterfly. Although you're struggling inside your chrysalis now, you're on a journey towards a different state of being and you're taking the lessons you're learning with you, which means more freedom, more wisdom - wings! When this process of change really tests you, think of it as a cocoon you're slowly outgrowing and freeing yourself from. The struggle is tough but the rewards will be incredible.

Now imagine you're a bird 
I know, the metaphors are getting a little ridiculous, but stick with me on this one! Transition is often difficult because it's hampered by the fear of what lies beyond it. This fear is understandable but confidence is a muscle - it needs exercise to make it strong. Visualise yourself as a bird about to take flight. Push off, stretch out your wings and go sailing over the landscape. Look down. Watch how the territory changes. Decide where you want to go and what you want to see. You have no ties. You can go exploring in your mind. Now imagine a little more of that free spirit was injected into your life.

I hope you're all doing ok. Go steady and remember, you have the right to the space and time that you need. Much love.